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Can I mow the same day my lawn was treated?

It is safe to mow the same day your lawn is treated, but we recommend you wait another day after the 2nd treatment and treatments following because we do apply weed spray, and it would give better results if left on your lawn longer.


What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is the spreading of seed and is typically done in conjunction with aeration. This is done for many benefits, such as allowing new grasses to replenish the older lawn and to alleviate some of the diseases and insect problems caused by hot, dry summer days.


What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the removal of small 2”-3” plugs in the soil/grass that will benefit the lawn by reducing water runoff and puddles, reduce soil compaction, enhance thatch breakdown, and ease drought/heat stress.

Why cut my grass at 3 1/2 inches?

Higher grass makes deeper roots and allows it to become thicker, which chokes out weeds naturally.


What are the brown patches and spots all over my yard?

More than likely it is red thread, which is a fungus that we think is caused by cool nights and hot days. This was really prevalent this year due to the unusual weather we have been having. It mainly occurs in Spring and Fall, does not normally cause harm, and will wear away during the season.


What is that tall, bright green grass in my lawn and also in my beds?

This is called Nutsedge and it usually grows in the same area every year, normally in poorly drained soils. It is hard to control and requires a separate treatment.


Why does my lawn turn brown in July and August?

Pennsylvania has cool season grasses such as Kentucky Blue, Rye and Fescue. Without 1 inch of rain every week, grass will go into dormant state. Once the cooler temperatures arrive the grass should bounce back.


Why is my neighbor's grass greener than mine?

Most lawn care companies use a liquid fertilizer which usually has a quicker green up. Also, some homeowners irrigate their yard, which keeps it green all through the summer. GrassRoots Lawn Service uses Lebanon Chemical granular fertilizer with iron. We like to use local companies with a proven record in fertilizer.


Why do I have weeds after you sprayed the yard?

Liquid weed control only kills the weeds it touches. New weeds germinate every day in lawns, especially if neighboring properties do not get treated. It is impossible to kill every weed throughout the season as we are not usually on lawns July through August.

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