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Organic Lawn Care Services

Organic Compound Spread is GUARANTEED to Improve Your Lawn

With organic compound spread from GrassRoots Lawn Service, all you have to do is spread a thin, 1-inch layer on your lawn, and it is equal to 6 inches of top soil. Organic compound spread is highly recommended for both young and established lawns. Helping to improve soil structure, retain moisture and green your lawn are only three of many notable benefits. This treatment is GUARANTEED to improve your lawn!

Lawn Care Without Toxic Chemicals

Lawn care pesticides can wreak havoc on the environment. Pesticides and herbicides poison birds and squirrels and all the insects that are beneficial to your lawn. Organic lawn care compound spread is a natural fertilizer and pest control substance and does not harm the environment. Contact GrassRoots Lawn Service to treat your lawn with organic compound spread today!

Organic Lawn Care

"Thanks for applying that organic fertilizer! My grass is already green from it! That is really amazing stuff!!"
- Matt

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