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Our lawn care company will start with a FREE full lawn evaluation and provide you with a recommended plan based on that evaluation. We have a basic 4-step lawn program and may recommend one or more of our additional lawncare services. With your input and concerns, our grasscare pros then put a lawn maintenance plan in action. You are an integral part of this plan and throughout the season, we will work together to make sure that you are satisfied and your lawn is healthier.

GrassRoots Lawn Service stays on top of all the new requirements and keeps equipment well-tuned. Our lawn care technicians are constantly educated in order to meet the highest quality requirements.

Residential Grass Cutting Service

When We Implement Weed Control

We do weed control during every treatment application we do. We have a special cold weather weed killer geared for our first treatment application. This weed prevention is our only liquid application. It helps control a variety of weeds such as dandelions, clover, etc. It is important to remember that the weed control only kills the weeds it touches and weeds do emerge throughout the year. But once a lawn has been treated with weed control for a season, the weeds are usually under control and not as annoying.

Insecticide, Grub Control, and Prevention

This application is our second application of the season and is typically applied late April through early June. It is a pelletized preventative grub application that remains on the ground and slowly works its way into the lawn's soil to prevent grubs from taking hold. Its residual is good for approximately 8-10 weeks. This also helps to control such insects as sod webworms among others. 


We Do Mulching and Edging!

Our lawn company also offers flower bed prep, edging, and mulching installation. Our lawn techs meet with customers on the job site to discuss ideas, products, and costs. Contact our team today to learn more!

What Are the Benefits of Garden Mulch?

  1. Control Weeds and Pests - Garden mulch will block sunlight from your soil, discouraging weed growth and depending on the type of mulch you use, it can also help prevent pests from invading your garden.

  2. Maximize Nutrients - Mulch will prevent rain from washing away nutrients and will also attract earthworms which help enrich your soil and create great soil structure.

  3. Moisture in your Soil - Mulch will help your soil retain moisture which will help reduce your water bills, especially in the warmer months of the year.

  4. Prevent Soil Erosion - Mulch will protect your soil from washing away in the rain and mulch will naturally break down and become part of your soil over time.

  5. Improve Your Look - Mulching your garden will give your garden a more professional look and feel and your plant will contrast nicely with the color mulch adds to your garden.

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Why is Lawn Care Important?

Lawn Care Provider

Having a healthy lawn is not just for good looks, it is also important for several other reasons.


Firstly, people benefit from trees, grasses, and shrubs, and lawn maintenance can make a big difference for you and your family. A quality outdoor space can be utilized to relax and enjoy your surroundings, increasing your wellbeing. Not only that, but a well kept lawn increases your property value.

Secondly, a well maintained lawn benefits the environment. Its healthy root system provides erosion and run off control and will help to purify water, making it cleaner and healthier. Not only that but your lawn can help produce more fresh oxygen, increasing your air quality as well.


Thirdly, your yard can also help keep your outdoors cooler, making it easier to maintain the temperature in your home during those hot summer months. 

Why wait? Get started now by clicking the green button and getting in touch with us today!

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Pennsylvania lawns are mainly cool-season grasses. Your lawn will continue to grow usually until the first hard frost.  Keep mowing your lawn and the weather starts to change lower your mower to cut the last 2 or 3 mowing to about 3 inches.


Try These Simple Steps to Help Prepare Your Lawn for Its Winter Nap:

  1. Keep Your Lawn Leaf-Free. Anything left on your lawn over winter (like leaves) will compact on your lawn which in turn will kill the grass below it. It can also put your lawn at risk for developing diseases.

  2. Reduce But Don’t Stop Mowing. Remember to lower your mower only when you are doing your last mow of the year. This will help prevent certain diseases.

  3. Aerate and Overseed Your Lawn. Fall is the best time to do this!  The aeration helps the soil to be less compact and allowing your grass roots more room to grow. Seeding at the same time as aerating is a perfect way to get the seed set for growth. The cooler temperature and the condensation on the lawn helps the seed to get established.

  4. Apply Soil Compost and Topdressing. Soil compost, also known as topdressing, is when you apply a thin layer of compost on your lawn. This improves the moisture-holding capacity of your soil and adds nutrients. The “ingredients” in compost/topdressing contains microbes that are key in providing food available to grass and helps the grass over the winter months.

Note that when your lawn is frozen it is best to avoid walking on it as much as possible as it can kill your grass and bring bare spots come springtime. Also, be sure to keep up on removing the leaves from your lawn before snow arrives as they can also cause those pesky brown spots in your lawn post-winter.

Fallen Leaves
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