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Get the proper lawn treatment with the help of GrassRoots Lawn Service. Our trained lawn care professionals can take an unhealthy lawn and give it that "golf course green" look. Contact us today and our lawn repair experts with transform your yard!

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In business since 2005, GrassRoots Lawn Service was voted number 1 in lawn care in Lebanon County. With the help of our very knowledgeable staff, you will learn how to build your own lawn treatment plan.

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  1. Save Yourself Time - Lawn care is not a once-and-done thing; your lawn requires year-round care and maintenance. Get back to the life you want to live and leave your lawn to a professional lawn care company.

  2. Receive Consistent Results - A lawn care professional will be able to stay on top of the care your lawn needs to stay looking good - all the time.

  3. Boost Your Home Value - Having a yard your neighbors will envy will pay for itself with the return on investment you will receive in your home property value.

  4. Save Money - A lawn care professional has all the tools they need to get the job done right; don't worry about buying every single garden and lawn care tool there is to complete the job - save yourself the money and leave it to the stocked-up pros.

  5. Get Educated Solutions - Your lawn care professional has the knowledge to solve any lawn care problem you may have; trust GrassRoots Lawn care to get your lawn looking great - every time!

"Jay and Josh do an outstanding job at turning a bad lawn into a beautiful lush, green space! Ask them about the benefits of applying compost to your lawn."​

- Andrew Z.

"This company and their family are absolutely awesome. We haven't seen the effect of the aeration or fertilization but just doing business with them from the quote to the 1st application has been so professional. They show up ready to work and work hard and get it done right. No doubt about it, I will sing their praises and being Christians make me love them even more! Awesome company!"​

- Melissa M.

"GrassRoots Lawn Service is the absolute BEST around! If you use True Green, Chem Lawn and all of those "other" people that claim they treat your lawn, show up for 5 minutes and drop a hefty bill at your door, look no further! They are very customer focused and treat your lawn like their own! The results show with every customer they have! Oh and landscaping.....just let them know what you want and you will get sooooo much more!"​

- Patrick U.

"Great results after having my lawn looks so terrible the last few years!
Thank you for caring enough as though it's your lawn!"​

- Stephen N.

"I can not thank Jay and Josh Brown and their crew from GrassRoots Lawn Service for the amazing job they did with our landscaping. They transformed our house and it just looks so great. So happy with all the work they did to make it looks so beautiful!"​

- Sandra M.

"Quality knowledgeable guys who use quality products and care about what they do! Highly recommend Grass Roots"​

- Shane K.

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